We are Clara Busquets, Helena Borràs and Àlex Martín and during this year we have been working on different projects during the English class hours. The first two terms we worked alone, this means that each of us did his or her own project about the topic that he or she prefered. We had to do a project of anything and then present it to the class. The last term our English teacher suggested us to do a different project and to work in another way. During the last term we’ve been working the three of us together on the same project. We wanted to do a project where the main characters could be our classmates and not us. First of all we didn’t know exactly what to do, but we ended up deciding to create an escape room. First of all, we started thinking about the topic of our escape room and how were they made. We looked for information in the internet and found an idea that we liked: there was a bomb in the plane and they had to escape before it was too late. Once we had the idea we started planning the different clues and the places to hide them. We got a bit stuck at this point because, as we weren’t at the actual class, we couldn’t think about places to hide things. As a solution, we went to the classroom and the ideas came instantly. Then, we bought all the materials that we needed and we printed some images. These are some of the materials that we used:

In conclusion, working on this project has been a different experience where we’ve spent a good time working in a different way. Our friends spent a really good time trying to escape of our room. We would like to repeat!