This September the secondary school opened its doors to welcome the new students that were ready to start their first year. We were nervous and excited at the same time because we didn’t know what to expect and luckliy, we have found only good changes.

We start at 8 instead of 9, as we used to, but two afternoons are free, and some of us can also skip some lessons like music or sport, but only if we do it outside the school.

We have two tutors in the class and we also have a different teacher for nearly every subject. Some of the subjects are new, like Technology, we can choose our optional one, like French, Bingo ( Maths), Laboratory ( Science) and we only use an overall at arts and crafts.

Our teachers ask for more responsibility by not telling us things over and over again like they did in primary, which I think is a really good thing because you get to know what you can do without people telling you all the time: “ You have to do this and you have to do that”,

We have met boys and girls from other schools, we are with children that we used to be with in our old classes in infant or primary school. Finally, the best of all the changes was that we did the overnight schooltrip in September to get to know each other better.

All these changes are not as strong as I thought they would be in the beginning and I also think that peolple usually exaggerate a lot when talking about secondary school. We have to think it this way, we are a year older, we have more responsibilities and our teachers are starting to prepare us for real life. But we don’t have to worry that much because, if all the people that have walked through these doors could make it, we can too.

Clara Busquets

1r ESO D